Tuesday, October 29, 2013

For You, Amy

*Updated* My goodness, I'm sure an explanation is in order here!   I put up this post for Amy of A Quilting Sheep because I am forever commenting on how we seem to have the exact same things hanging around our house.  So, below, I am showing her pictures of my same-fabric projects.  :)

Your Curtains & My Duvets:

In this photo the crib is on the other side.  Of course, with three girls now, the furniture has been completely rearranged!

Your Fabric and My Pajamas:

These pictures are pretty terrible.  I could only find random, poor-quality snapshots... I made these for Odelia's 3rd birthday (before I started photographing things).  I made seven sets: each with a pair for Odelia and a pair for her two birthday dolls (shown below) for a grand total of 21 pairs of pajamas.  I'm glad I made so many; Bettina wears them now and I'm sure we'll have some left for Thea.  Anyway, I don't have pictures of all of them, but I believe these were the fabrics we had in common.

I can't remember if there were more things that should be in this post...  I'm sure I'll end up adding something!

The Project Pages don't contain much, but here they are:
alphabet jammies
bunny pajamas
cherry mamajamas

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Looks really nice!


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